Re-Create Any Website in Webflow | 4 Chrome Extensions

August 18, 2022

I remember a time where I would be browsing a web page and would think to myself “Wow, I would like a site like this,” or “It must have taken a team of developers and designers to build this site.” The thought of being able to rebuild a site like had never crossed my mind. Fast forward a few years later and I now have the ability to rebuild any site I come across, with ease — even

Did I spend months or years learning HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript?


Did I go to a prestigious design school to learn how to create beautiful illustrations and designs?


Did I team up with a group of designers and developers to spear head a robust web development project?


So how did I acquire this skill?

I found a visual web development program called Webflow (affiliate link). With Webflow you can visually develop a website with no code knowledge required. You do need a bit of site structure knowledge but Webflow teaches the basics in their Webflow University (affiliate link).

Now with my knowledge of building websites in Webflow I can re-create any website in Webflow.

Along with the 4 Chrome Extensions mentioned below I can visit any web-page and get all the resources I need to re-create the page in Webflow. This helps if I want to sample a specific layout or site structure for my own project or just get practice rebuilding websites in Webflow.

GoFullPage — Take a screenshot of an entire web page and then decide how you want to go about building the page.

As a photographer, it’s important to get the visuals right while establishing your online presence. Having a unique and professional portfolio will make you stand out to potential clients. The only problem? Most website builders out there offer cookie-cutter options — making lots of portfolios look the same.

That’s where a platform like Webflow comes to play. With Webflow you can either design and build a website from the ground up (without writing code) or start with a template that you can customize every aspect of. From unique animations and interactions to web app-like features, you have the opportunity to make your photography portfolio site stand out from the rest.

So, we put together a few photography portfolio websites that you can use yourself — whether you want to keep them the way they are or completely customize them to your liking.

12 photography portfolio websites to showcase your work

Here are 12 photography portfolio templates you can use with Webflow to create your own personal platform for showing off your work.

1. Jasmine

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